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Adam Silver says that possibility of reseeding in playoffs depends on ‘balanced schedule’

NBA commissioner Adam Silver acknowledges that the league will continue to look at the possibility of reseeding teams 1-16 in the playoffs, regardless of conference affiliation.

Word out of Portland is that Nurkic’s fitness and range have both improved this offseason, leading me to believe he could be a double-double threat who helps you in nontraditional big categories (3s and assists). Randle is a nice player, but I worry about his willingness to settle, whereas the jump shot will be a complement, not a staple, of Nurkic’s game.

Eric Karabell: Nurkic does harm to a fantasy team with his missed free throws, but he has a solid rebounds/blocks profile with steals, and the numbers were better all around after he joined the Blazers.

I won’t be coming to the Rockets office every day. Will I talk to Tad every day or Daryl every other day because they just want to update me? Yeah, but I’ll be probably more involved in making sure the fan experience is better. I’m not getting into X’s and O’s of the basketball team, and I’m not going to tell Daryl who we should be drafting and who we should be trading. I’ve learned more about basketball in the last 30 days than I thought I knew from the last 30 years.

One of the great joys of the postseason is that you can do this wild imagining for almost any scenario that Kluber’s performance sets up. Because of the stakes, and because of the extra days off, the typical pitcher roles are subservient to a more urgent demand to simply get 27 outs and survive.

That would be an eight-win decline from last season and seven wins worse than the 42 wins the Grizzlies’ 2016-17 point differential typically would have yielded. I’d say my expected average outcome for Memphis is closer to 40 wins than 35.

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