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Bogut injury not serious – Lakers coach

Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton says Andrew Bogut’s groin injury is not serious and he expects the Australian centre to be ready for their opening game of the NBA regular season.

Yes, he has been dogged by injuries, but big man Andrew Bogut can provide something that is in short supply on a youthful Lakers roster: experience.
The groin injury struck Bogut just as he overcame a broken leg suffered last season playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We expect him back by the start of the season for sure, Walton, referring to the Lakers’ regular season opener against the LA Clippers on October 19, said.

Mitchell Trubisky provided a good spark for the offense, that’s for sure, and the defense keeps playing over its head despite being further shorthanded. Still, the overall results aren’t good because of talent voids in critical areas.

Kyle Shanahan is coaching well enough to give the Niners a chance in every game … but not well enough to seal the deal. Red zone issues and running game inconsistency have been the culprits.

At the same time, I think attributing Chamberlain’s desire to avoid fouling out strictly to vanity is a mistake. Pretty obviously, there was an immense drop-off from Chamberlain to his backup, which is why he averaged 45.8 minutes per game for his NBA career. (This probably doesn’t get enough notice.) So what was worse for Chamberlain’s teams: him playing less aggressively to avoid fouls, or him fouling out?

Granting that I wasn’t there and can’t say just how limited Chamberlain was in foul trouble, I think Havlicek and other critics are probably confusing correlation with causation here. The problem wasn’t how Chamberlain played in foul trouble; it was him getting in foul trouble in the first place.

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I did try to dissuade him a little bit, but it’s all good, Brown said. We are going to figure out something, some other nickname we’re going to come up with. We’ve already been talking about it actually. He [messaged] me [on Snapchat] last night and was like, ‘Man, we have to come up with something.’ I guess he looks at me as the brains of the operation, so I’m like, ‘All right. I got you.’

Unfortunately, Brown and Tatum’s basketball skills are, at least thus far, better than their marketing skills.

The names that we were thinking were pretty bad though, Brown said. We had ‘Bread and Butter.’ Terrible. We had ‘Peanut Butter and Jelly’ — ‘PB and J’ is what he said. It wasn’t very good.

Tatum confirmed that the nickname hunt has turned up nothing but duds. He figures it’s just one more thing he needs to work on this season.

So we know Sabathia isn’t going to throw more than 75 pitches — if that many. Sabathia had a 3.67 ERA in the first inning and 5.00 in the second, so the Indians need to jump on him early.

The matchup that matters most: Aaron Judge versus Kluber. Judge is 1-for-15 in the series with 12 strikeouts. Judge’s big weakness during the season was sliders — he hit .153 against them. Eight of those 12 strikeouts have come on curveballs or sliders, with 11 coming on 2-2 and 3-2 pitches, so Judge has been very patient in trying to seek out his pitch.

Will Judge adjust by trying to attack fastballs earlier in the count? The Indians have thrown him six first-pitch fastballs in his 19 plate appearances. But if Kluber suspects Judge will be hunting fastballs, does he start him off with his curveball or slider/cutter and risk falling behind in the count? In Game 2, they faced each other three times, with Kluber starting him off with three different pitches. Judge walked twice and struck out looking on a 3-2 fastball. Judge doesn’t have to hit a home run, but Kluber has to keep him off base.

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Houston won the first two games of the ALDS by a combined score of 16-4. Asked Sunday, before Boston’s 10-3 victory in Game 3, about how he was handling the pressure of the postseason, Hinch joked, I’m a nervous wreck. Can’t you tell?

Hinch expanded on his answer.

No, I’m good. I love this time of year, he said. I’m so proud of being the manager here and leading this group of men and I’m having fun. I think that we do all this work to get to these moments, good or bad. … If you don’t keep perspective and you don’t enjoy these moments, then why do we sit up here? Like, why do we do the work we do if we don’t enjoy it? So, I’m having a great time.

Following a calf injury to Bilal Powell, McGuire took over the heavy lifting in the Jets’ backfield in Week 5. While it’s unclear if Powell will miss time, McGuire could be in-line for a short-term starting job, with Matt Forte currently battling a knee issue, too. The rookie sixth-rounder has run hard this season (34 carries for 176 yards and a touchdown) and could see a favorable Week 6 matchup versus the Patriots. An add for any back-needy owner.

Kearse made a quick immersion into the Jets’ lineup, as he settled into a top receiver role just shortly after being traded from Seattle. In PPR scoring, he has double-digit points in three of his five games thus far this season. He’s a consideration for a deeper PPR league whose value in Week 6 could be boosted by a matchup against the Patriots.

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If the Indians win: They move on to the ALCS for the second year in a row, with Kluber then set to start Game 1. If he does have to start Game 5, that means he wouldn’t be ready to start until Game 3 of the ALCS, if the Indians advance.

One key stat to know: Bauer had that amazing start in Game 1, when he allowed just two hits in 6? innings. He had a great curveball going — not so much getting misses on it (just three misses out of 14 swings), but inducing weak contact and getting eight called strikes. That made his fastball more effective — the Yankees put just five fastballs in play out of 21 swings, while hitting 13 foul balls. That was Bauer’s third-lowest rate of balls in play off his fastball all season. Batters slugged .500 off Bauer’s fastball, so that’s his goal: Limit damage on his fastball.

They got a chance to let Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu heal a bit during the bye week, and at the same time, it was key for Matt Ryan to get out of his slump.

Our experts debate which player they would take first in their fantasy drafts.

Joe Kaiser: I really like both of these players this season, and it’s a good goal to try and to have each of them on your roster. Nurkic wowed after coming over to the Portland Trail Blazers last season, even as an odd fit in an offense built around the perimeter game of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

Los Angeles Lakers power forward Randle showed improvements as a shooter, scorer and passer in his second full NBA season after missing all but one game of his rookie campaign due to a fractured leg.

Just how much of a bargain Rose and Wade are will be determined by whether there’s something left for them both to give.

I believe that I’m still a talent, Rose said. But that’s one of the reasons why I came here, where I wanted the stage again. Last year I felt like I had a decent year. Last year, the only thing I was missing was that stage and I feel like I have that this year.

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Adam Silver says that possibility of reseeding in playoffs depends on ‘balanced schedule’

NBA commissioner Adam Silver acknowledges that the league will continue to look at the possibility of reseeding teams 1-16 in the playoffs, regardless of conference affiliation.

Word out of Portland is that Nurkic’s fitness and range have both improved this offseason, leading me to believe he could be a double-double threat who helps you in nontraditional big categories (3s and assists). Randle is a nice player, but I worry about his willingness to settle, whereas the jump shot will be a complement, not a staple, of Nurkic’s game.

Eric Karabell: Nurkic does harm to a fantasy team with his missed free throws, but he has a solid rebounds/blocks profile with steals, and the numbers were better all around after he joined the Blazers.

I won’t be coming to the Rockets office every day. Will I talk to Tad every day or Daryl every other day because they just want to update me? Yeah, but I’ll be probably more involved in making sure the fan experience is better. I’m not getting into X’s and O’s of the basketball team, and I’m not going to tell Daryl who we should be drafting and who we should be trading. I’ve learned more about basketball in the last 30 days than I thought I knew from the last 30 years.

One of the great joys of the postseason is that you can do this wild imagining for almost any scenario that Kluber’s performance sets up. Because of the stakes, and because of the extra days off, the typical pitcher roles are subservient to a more urgent demand to simply get 27 outs and survive.

That would be an eight-win decline from last season and seven wins worse than the 42 wins the Grizzlies’ 2016-17 point differential typically would have yielded. I’d say my expected average outcome for Memphis is closer to 40 wins than 35.

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