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Addition of Brandin Cooks has Rams excited about their receiving corps

The Rams don’t just like their receiving corps. They love, love, LOVE it.
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Los Angeles lost Sammy Watkins, but they added Brandin Cooks. The team expects that Cooks, paired with Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp in the starting lineup, will prove tough to stop.

I think you’ve just liked what you’ve seen overall, head coach Sean McVay said. He’s got a great rapport already with Jared, and he feels really good with the receiver group. I think he’s done a nice job kinda fitting into that room and really endearing himself to his teammates. We sure like him as coaches, too.

Payton said there’s a good chance that the loss involved me being in water.

After a while your competitive juices start flowing, you kinda try to feel each Ken Griffey Youth Jersey other out a bit to see ‘OK, how is he going to play, how am I going to play,’ Pederson said, via Then I think Sean and I both got to the point where it was like we have to do something here. We have to play for something. We started talking about it, talking about jersey colors and Sean was like, there’s only so many things as head coaches that we can control. Obviously we can control this and we said hey this is a great idea.

It wasn’t the only time Pederson won a bet during the round. The Eagles staff will also be getting beignets and coffee from their counterparts with the Saints due to a wager on another hole.

They missed chances to trade their best non-LeBron player, Kevin Love, at something close to peak value, and will have hard time flipping him for even 50 percent of that now. With LeBron gone, it is hard to find any path back to 50 wins beyond bottoming out, again, and rebuilding through the draft. The chances of face-planting into the same preposterous lottery luck they enjoyed when LeBron left the first time — wins in 2011, 2013, and 2014 — are almost nil. And even if they do finish with one of the two or three worst records sometime in the next few seasons, revamped lottery rules will reduce their chances of nabbing the No. 1 pick.

Most championship teams end in ruins. Stars get Womens Darren Helm Jersey old, bills for all those present-for-future trades come due. The Spurs are both an anomaly and an ideal — the perennial, unkillable contender that managed to chase rings and replenish its youth at the same time. Even so, the Kawhi Leonard swap that bought them more time is close to a once-in-a-generation move. Boston’s Ocean’s Eleven-level heist of the Nets — they might as well have stolen some of Billy King’s personal belongings just to be mean — might be something even rarer, an all-timer that spared the Celtics additional years of post-championship pain.